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About Us

a picture of Seth and Leah joint owners of Setlea Toys

Setlea Toys was founded in September 2017 with lots of support from our parents.  The company name "Setlea" was formed by taking the first three letters of both of our names.  To save you hours trying to guess our names, the last letter of our names is h.  That's right, my name is Seth and standing next to me is my little sister Leah.

What was it about toys that made us want to sell them?  Fond memories, remembering the hours of fun we shared.  It was such an important part of our lives and still is, holding our first soft toy, playing with our first train set and as we grew older learning through our toys.

Why did we decide to start an online store? Well, it's the internet, we seem to spend a lot of time at school learning through it.  Learning to spell, doing our maths homework or researching on new topics, it seems to be here to stay.  Buying has become so much easier and it's all at a click of a button, no longer do we need to jump into the car and be dragged around shopping malls.


Our pledge is very important to us because we understand that many children are unwell and are not able to enjoy spending time holding, playing and learning through toys.

Children with Cancer UK image, Setlea Toys donates 1% to this cause

Help us make a difference and thank you for taking the time to read our page.